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Where spooning leads to forking

People we work with

We work with some funky folks here at the Caff. Our suppliers are local wherever possible, and sometimes literally on our doorstep. We are on the lovely Surrey Docks Farm after all! Those we think are above and beyond the call of greatness we have listed here.

Surrey Docks Farm


Ariela ice cream, Passionate about gelato. A lovely company with award winning gelato.

Our favourite florists who help us put flowers on the tables. If your having an event with us we highly recommend you use this beautifully versatile company


We work hand in hand with this wicked organisation running a cafe in there field at Glastonbury. Come find us this Glastonbury 2017


All our salmon is filleted, cured, dried, hung and smoked at Greenwich Smokehouse.  Sometimes we do special evenings at the farm with our favourite smoker.